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Seacamel is a Maritime services company specializing in Towage, Transportation and Training for the maritime, offshore and insurance industries.
With over twenty five years of experience, Seacamel serves the maritime industry working with salvage companies, ship designers, builders and operators. We also serve barges,- offshore structures,- and cargo owners, warranty surveyors and legal firms.

As naval architects, we have been involved in marine salvage, ship design, heavy-lifting transportation and offshore installation since 1992

Seacamel also specializes in preparing stability calculations and ballast operations for all kinds of floating, submerged and grounded objects as well as structural design and FE analysis with respect to vessels, especially when the effect of global deformation is significant.




Training can improve business performance and increases the safety of your operations. We provide both in-company and public training for heavy lift and transport operations and the preparation of cargo securing manuals.
Contact us directly for an in-company training or sign-up for a public training.

Agenda upcoming public training:
“Principles for Heavy Transport, Lifting and Shipping”

Date Location
Nov 10 - 12Dubai
Nov 27 - 29Singapore

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